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Network Registration

OU-C Faculty, Students , and Staff

Ohio University is in the process of enabling network registration for devices using it's wired and wireless network services.  What this means is that each device (computer, smartphone, tablet, laptop, printer, etc) will need to identify itself to the network as belonging to an Ohio University employee, student, or University guest before access to the network and internet will be granted.  All devices needing access to OU-C's wired or wireless network must be registered in order to work beginning July 25th.

This is accomplished by registering the MAC address of your network enabled device with Ohio University.  The MAC address is a unique identifying code built into the networking hardware on your device (whether it be wired or wireless).  See below for details on finding a MAC.  This associates the device with you, a legitimate user of the OU network, and allows access. 

To register your device using web registration :
Start up a browser. You will receive a screen asking for your Ohio ID and password.
Supply your credentials and click the login button.
Read through the Ohio University network use policy then click Agree at the bottom.
Supply a brief description of the device you are registering so that you’ll recognize it in your device list later. For faculty and staff, begin the description with “Chillicothe “.
If the registration page cannot determine your MAC address you’ll need to supply it manually.

NO SOFTWARE OR TRACKING AGENTS ARE INSTALLED on your device.  Students will need to renew their registration once a semester.  Faculty and staff will need to renew their registrations once a year.

For most devices, registration will occur the first time you access the network with the device's web browser. You will be automatically prompted with the registration screen discussed above. Simply login and supply the MAC address and you're finished until your next renewal period.

If your device does not have a web browser a Web Registration Tool is also available.  You can use this tool to:
register a device that does not have a web browser (networked printer, some game
          consoles, some older smart phones, etc.)
·         register any device in advance
·         register multiple devices

Registration/Troubleshooting Tips

  • Power off your PC or device if it has been overnight to clear the cache,DNS, etc

  • Have cookies enabled in your browser

  • Click the Login button rather than hitting enter

Network Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To learn more about network registration, visit http://www.ohio.edu/oit/netreg/

If you have any questions, please call the OU-C Helpdesk at 740.774.7212 or email chillicothe@ohio.edu . You may also call the main Network Registration Hotline in Athens at 740-566-7600 or the OIT Service Desk at 740-593-1222.  Feedback can be emailed to netreg@ohio.edu.


To Find Your Computer MAC:

On a Mac OS 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7

  • Go to apple icon upper left hand corner

  • Click about this mac

  • Select more info

  • Select network on left hand side

  • Under active services choose either airport for wireless or Ethernet for wired

  • Scroll down and find Mac Address

On Windows Vista, 7

  • Click the blue globe or start menu

  • Select control panel

  • Then select network and sharing center (in icon mode)
     or select View Network Status and Tasks (in Category mode)

  • Click on local area connection or wireless adapter (middle right)

  • Then select details and it will list the physical address (Mac address)

Windows XP

  • Select the start menu

  • Then select control panel

  • Select network connections

  • Double click on local area connection or wireless adapter

  • Then select the support tab

  • Then select details and it will list the Mac Address

iPhone and iPad Tablet
          Go to Settings > General > About . The MAC should be listed there

Android Devices (may vary)

  • Menu > Settings > Wireless and Networks > Wifi > Advanced



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