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Avenues of Giving to the Ohio University-Chillicothe Campus

Annual Giving : Individuals may make annual charitable gifts to Ohio University-Chillicothe that support special campus projects, student scholarships, equipment, technology, academic and athletic programming. Cash gifts can be made via check or using VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Gifts may be designated to an area of interest or may be unrestricted to support an area of need identified by Ohio University-Chillicothe.

Endowment gifts and Scholarships: Endowments provide permanent support for teaching and research, student scholarships, and an abundance of other academic programs and activities. With a minimum $15,000 commitment, an endowment can be created that will bear your name or the name of someone you wish to honor. Donors have two to five years to fund to the endowed level. Distribution of funds is subject to a specific set of guidelines formulated by the university in conjunction with the donor. Ohio University-Chillicothe has several scholarships that have been established: Jayne Stone Brown Theater Scholarship, Nicholas and Roseanne Alexander Scholarship, Officer Larry Cox Memorial, Chillicothe Education Foundation, Jimmie and Barbara Williams.

Gifts of Personal Property: Gifts-in-kind of personal property can be charitably gifted to Ohio University-Chillicothe. Gifts-in-kind such as real estate, artwork, equipment or securities must be properly appraised through the donor’s efforts.
Planned Giving:

“The Promise Lives” Giving Pathways

The Promise Lives Campaign at Ohio University-Chillicothe is designed to address Ohio University-Chillicothe’s student growth and embrace the economic training demands of this decade.

Scholarships: The Chillicothe Campus fills a unique role in terms of offering access to a quality Ohio University education. In this way, the Chillicothe campus continues to serve as a gateway to higher education and the transformational impact on the quality of life for residents of the region. For many of our students, scholarship assistance is crucial to turning the key that unlocks the barriers to reaching their career goals.
Establishing endowed scholarships allow learners to focus on their academic pursuits by alleviating many financial burdens that can impede their college careers. Bright, ambitious individuals of the Ross County Region can continue to pursue their ambitions and realize their potential on the Chillicothe Campus. Individuals who establish endowments can further their passion for a particular program and ensure there are always qualified people in the employment pipeline.


Academic Success Expansion: This project ties together academic and campus life in a way that enriches the student experience on the Chillicothe Campus. The Stevenson Center Learning Commons has become a hub of academic activity and has helped to foster a sense of a learning community. Technology is available for use to produce class projects while the Quinn Library has the resources for extensive research. The expansion will include an Academic Success Center to support academic programing to aid students in further developing math, science and written composition skills and a conference area to listen to area experts on various topics. The conference room would allow community guest speakers to broaden knowledge about current topics both for interested students as well as residents of the community.

The Chillicothe Campus’ recent enrollment growth has caused a need for increased academic and student services affairs programming. The proposed project will serve as a link between the Learning Commons in the Stevenson Center and the academic and student services resources in Bennett Hall, thereby bridging, both figuratively and literally, these two vital components of a well-rounded student experience.
The expansion will include an additional technology lab needed for students to complete class assignments and research projects. The Academic Success Expansion will maintain a large area for ongoing academic tutoring as well as support for students seeking new avenues to explore research topics.

Entrepreneurship and Technology Center: This 8,200 square-foot addition supports the campus mission of serving its students and supporting the region’s economic development endeavors. The Center provides space for both the popular Law Enforcement Technology program and classes for the inspiring entrepreneur. Simulation labs will provide students with modern facilities to receive critical hands-on training for important careers in the field of law enforcement. The entrepreneurship program will allow OU-C students and area residents to receive the instruction and support they need to develop critical business skills to take their ideas from concept to reality.

For more information on making a gift to Ohio University-Chillicothe Campus, please contact:
Joyce Atwood, Resource Development office at 740-774-7732 or email atwoodj@ohio.edu