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International Conference

Global Citizenship, Collective Identity, and Tolerance

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The conference will take place at the Chillicothe campus of Ohio University

Sept. 24-25th, 2010

Presentation Titles and Abstracts

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 Invited Presenters:

Keynote Address: Amritjit Singh

Nancy Buchan, Ph.D. Associate Professor of International Business

     Paper Title: The Role of Social Identity in Global Cooperation                                     

Martha Cottam, Ph.D. Johnson Distinguished Professor

      Paper Title: Tribal Identity, War, and the Anbar Sunni Awakening in Iraq

Chad Lavin, Ph.D. 

      Paper Title: Community of Vulnerability                                                   

Scott Nelson, Ph.D. 

      Paper Title: Community, the State, and Historicity                                                                                                       

Hamideh Sedghi, Ph.D.

      Paper Title: Cyberfeminism and Women's Protests in Iran                                   

Jason Weidner, Ph.D.

      Paper Title: Global Civil Society and Governmentality                                     

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