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Tuition Payment Policy

Tuition and fees are payable in full at the time of registration.  All fees must be paid by the specified quarter date to avoid $100 late fee (pre-registered students only).  All fees must be paid by either check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. No cash will be accepted.


New students attending Ohio University-Chillicothe Campus for the first time will be asked to take placement tests.  Students will be notified of the dates.  New students will be sent information concerning orientation and how to register once they are officially admitted. 

Transfer students who have not met the Tier I requirements for Math and/or English should take the placement tests. 


Students in this category who plan to carry 3 or more classes for the Spring Quarter should meet with an adviser.

Those students who will carry fewer than 3 classes may meet with an adviser at the above time if they so desire.  If they do not choose to do so, they may register during this time. 


For students who register on a Regional Campus and the Athens Campus, fees are assessed as follows:
  • Part-time students (1-10) hours) will be assessed Regional Campus fees for courses at the Regional Campus and Athens Campus fees for courses in Athens.

  • Full-time students (11-20 hours) will be assessed the Athens Comprehensive fee. 

It is the responsibility of students to familiarize themselves with all portions of the University catalog pertaining to their eligibility status, requirements for graduation, and various deadlines. 


The regular full-time student load is 16 credit hours per quarter.  Students may register for one or more courses, depending upon conditions of work and other factors applicable to their situations.  Students working full-time (40 hours per week) are advised to register for no more than two classes per week.  Other students may carry up to 20 credit hours. 


Insurance forms will be available at the time of registration.  Students who desire insurance should fill out the form available in Student Services and mail it to the given address. 

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Current Tuition and Fees

Tuition Payment Options


* Special Fee Options offered on a specific Regional Campus do not apply when a student registers as a multi-campus student.  Graduate students who receive graduate fee waivers of any nature may apply these waivers only to graduate courses.