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Welcome to the Ohio University-Chillicothe Student Clubs and Organizations webpage! At OU-C we believe it is not only important to get a great education inside the classroom but outside the classroom as well. Involved students tend to perform better academically and student organization participation looks great on a resume! Get involved! Below are our currently registered student organizations. If you are interested in learning more or joining please contact the President or Advisor. Interested in starting your own student organization? Contact Ashlee Rauckhorst, Coordinator of Student Activities at rauckhor@ohio.edu or 740-774-7229 for more information.

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The purpose of the All: Gaming, Anime, & Manga Experience (A[GA+ME]) club is to provide enrichment and insight into all types of entertainment through the means of animation, manga, and other media to both the university and its surrounding communities.
President: Casey Kempton,
Advisor: Rick Barnes,

ASL Unity in the Community
The purpose of the American Sign Language Unity in the Community is to provide OU-C, the community, and area businesses with awareness about Deaf Culture and the need for qualified interpreters. It is also the goal of the club to provide opportunities for d/Deaf and hearing people to interact socially. This club also wants d/Deaf and hearing individuals to be united, in that they use a common language (ASL) and can share experiences.
President: Sherri Hill,
Advisor: Mary Jane Preece,

G.E.S.S.-Gender Equality Solidarity Society
The purpose of the Gender Equality Solidarity Society (GESS) is to promote an awareness of gender equality to University students and the community at large. In addition, the GESS will provide an opportunity for students, faculty, alumni, and staff to coordinate and participate in gender related activities, conferences, resource services and a generally gender equal environment for the benefit of students and the community.
President: Heather Welshimer,
Advisor: Ashlee Rauckhorst,

HSA-Human Services Association
The purpose of the Human Services Association is to provide an overview of Human Services Education to students, faculty and the general population as well as promote networking, encourage student and community participation through diverse activities and opportunities for the general welfare of the community. Members participate in supportive social service volunteer work including conducting fundraisers and facilitate educational activities.
President: Cheryl Morris,
Advisor: Barbara Mahaffey,

OUC Organizing for America
The purpose of this OU-C Organizing for America is to educate, inform, and empower university students to participate in progressive politics by organizing and supporting enlightened candidates and policies and to cultivate our community on the grassroots level.
President: Tammy Simkins, ts362108@ohio.edu
Advisor: Nick Kiersey,

Stray Cats
The purpose of the Stray Cats LGBT&S is to facilitate tolerance and understanding among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight individuals within the University and the larger community. The organization is working for a more inclusive campus where everyone can feel safe and welcome regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
President: Jenna Hobbs,
Advisor: Brandon Houseman,

Student Senate
The purpose of the Student Senate is to be a representative voice of the students at OU-C with regards to student relations. The organization promises to be accessible to the students of our university, to remain sensitive to the concerns and ideas of all students, and to be a prominent voice for all student issues.
President: Marlene Fout,
Advisor: Ashlee Rauckhorst,

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