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The OUC Hilltopper Advising Center is located in Room 270, Bennett Hall. We are your central resource for academic advising on campus. The Hilltopper Advising Center can help you with:

  • Placement test results

  • Selecting courses

  • Exploring and declaring, or changing a major

  • Getting a DARS report, a “what-if” DARS,  and how to read it

  • Questions regarding academic programs, courses, professors, etc.

  • Academic probation and transfer probation

Additionally, we can:

  • Suggest study tips

  • Campus resources

  • Provide informational websites

  • Offer advice and encouragement

Advising Staff

To schedule an appointment with an advisor, please call (740) 774-7731 or email

         Cristy Null –  nullc1@ohio.edu

         Martha Tanedo - tanedo@ohio.edu

         Beth Barnes - barnesb@ohio.edu

Academic advisors are generally assigned by the major that you want to pursue. However, the advisors in the Hilltopper Advising Center are here to assist any student with the various majors and other questions they may have.



Hilltopper Advising Center Mission, Objectives and Value Statements:

Ohio University recognizes academic advising to be a central element of the educational experience of its undergraduate students. Advising is a collaborative relationship for which advisors and students share responsibility and through which students create sound educational plans consistent with their
academic, career, and personal goals. Advisors are responsible for being accessible and responsive to students, and for providing accurate, timely information. Students are responsible for being prepared for advising sessions and for understanding university and major requirements.


It is the mission of the Hilltopper Advising Center to meet the needs of the Ohio University Chillicothe students by providing superior and impactful academic advising services necessary for successful skill development, personal, program and/or career goal completion. We support the students’ desire to further their education and develop skills needed for success in the greater community in which they participate.


·         Be attentive, empathetic  listeners,  encouraging,  friendly student advocates

·         Assist students in making career, major, and course decisions and in setting realistic goals and making reasonable decisions.

·         Teach students to be responsible and accountable for the actions that impact their success.

·         Be a resource for academic program information

·         Be sensitive to the needs of a diverse student population

·         Assist students in navigating University processes, protocols and procedures with regard to academic calendar, course offerings, registration, DARS, graduation, grading, probation, etc.

·         Provide responsive academic advising services along with other services to build a foundation for success.

Value Statement

We believe that the academic advising services we deliver provide a foundation for academic and personal success. Through our interactions with students, we want to build not only a broad knowledge base of college and curricular information but also critical thinking skills and a sense of personal responsibility for their own success. Our advisors have a strong desire to see each student succeed, and we are dedicated to providing the services, support and encouragement to assist the student in achieving his/her goals. Tough decisions sometimes need to be made along any path in life, including the academic path, but we believe with the right combination of personal accountability, assistance and advising services, any student can attain the goals they set forth to positively impact their lives.  

Quarters to Semesters Transition (Q2S)

Ohio University is converting to semesters.

·         Semester calendar will begin Fall of 2012

·         If you intend to graduate before Fall of 2012, you will not be affected.

  • Transition students will be fully informed of how to complete their degrees through the use of intensive advising and new technology designed for that purpose.

·         You will work closely with your OUC academic advisor to devise a plan to select the proper course to allow you to continue uninterrupted with your degree.

Additional Info:





Prospective students will meet with an academic advisor for the first time during SOAR (Student Orientation and Registration). The advisor will help you select classes for the first time, based on placement test results, intended major, and course availability. For subsequent quarters, you will see your assigned academic advisor. If you do not know who your advisor is, you are welcome to see an advisor in the Hilltopper Advising Center. You are strongly encouraged to see an academic advisor each and every quarter while attending OUC.

ACRONYMS, ABBREVIATIONS, and LINGO – A guide to making sense of “college-ese”


Transfer students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor at least one quarter before transferring to Ohio University Chillicothe. When meeting with an academic advisor, it is beneficial if you bring unofficial transcripts for this meeting. The advisor can then look at what might transfer into your new major and provide better feedback. Additionally, if you are transferring from another Ohio state college or university, you can access the on-line transfer guide at https://oh.transfer.org/cas/index.jsp.

Academic Success at OUC

There are many factors that contribute to academic success and academic difficulty. The Hilltopper Advising Center is here to provide assistance with those issues.     

Workshops- While classes are in session, The Hilltopper Advising Center offers workshops every Friday to assist students in skills building and enhance college success skills.

·         Friday’s at 12:00 noon- “How to choose a major”

·         Friday’s at 1:00 p.m. –“How to read a DARS”


·         Study Skills Courses- OUC offers both UC 112 and UC 116. These courses are designed to address reading speed, comprehension, note-taking, test taking, learning styles, time management, and of course, OUC information needed for success.


·         Assistance with Disabilities- Student who have a documented physical or learning disability and who wish to seek assistance/accommodations in the college classroom should contact the Student Services office, so that we can begin the process of developing and implementing accommodations.


·         Academic and Transfer Probation- Student’s whose cumulative grade point average drops below 2.0 will be placed on academic probation. Additionally students transferring in with less than a 2.0 grade point average may also be placed on transfer probation. The Hilltopper Advising Center can help students assess skills, obstacles, and make plans for increasing the grade point average.


Students on academic or transfer probation will be required to meet with an advisor each quarter to select courses and/or register. This is to ensure you are making well-informed decisions regarding classes, strategy, and other issues. Click here to see academic probation policy and information on how to remove deficiency points, and retaking a course. Academic Probation Policy


Also see the University College publication “The Ohio University Experience: A Guide to Academic Success”  http://www.ohio.edu/univcollege/upload/2009-10OHIOFYExperience.pdf for a more in depth look at academic success at OU.

·         GPA Calculator — Calculate your g.p.a and deficiency points. Just enter  your hours attempted and grade points earned (you can find these on your DARS) and the grades you think you will earn in your current quarter classes to see what your overall grade point average will be. You can also enter your classes/grades for courses you will be repeating. www.cas.ohiou.edu/undergrad/qlinks/gpa_cal/GPAFull.asp

 Choosing and declaring a major

Deciding on a major can be a daunting task, but once a decision is reached you may have greater confidence and a sense of direction.

·         If you don’t know what to major in, try taking the FOCUS test. (Major & Career Resources) This popular tool is designed to help you assess your skills, values, and interests to provide suggestions at possible careers. Remember your access code is “ohiou329”.  

·         Does OU offer a degree in that area? Find out. Search for degrees offered at OU http://www.catalogs.ohio.edu/content.php?catoid=16&navoid=796

·         Once you decide on a major, contact the Hilltopper Advising Center and an advisor can help you to fill out the proper form(s) to declare the major.  

·         Want to know what you can do with your major? http://www.ohio.edu/advising/major.cfm 

·         Other Career search websites and Information

Career Explorer - http://www.careerexplorer.net/

US Department of Labor Career Info Net - http://www.careerinfonet.org/

US Department of Labor CareerOneStop -http://www.careeronestop.org/

US Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook -http://www.bls.gov/oco/home.htm 

·         Click here to see a presentation by University College on Choosing a Major  http://www.ohio.edu/advising/major.cfm



The DARS (Degree Audit Report) is a tool used at OU which serves as a checklist of degree requirements. The DARS is a personalized document, so you should only follow the DARS that is prepared for you.

·         For information on understanding your DARS report  see:  HOW TO READ A DARS 

·         Or look at these presentations reading/using the DARS and on-line DARS. http://www.chillicothe.ohiou.edu/pages/students/Help_Support/Tutorials.htm

·         You can also access your DARS on-line and also request a “what-if” DARS for any major at OU. https://webapps.ohio.edu/oasis/dashboard/dashboard.htm 




·         See a list of majors by College - http://www.ohio.edu/univcollege/upload/OU%20Majors%20by%20College-2.pdf


·         Wondering what to major in? Take the FOCUS test! www.ohio.edu/careers/students/focus.cfm


·         Want to know what you can do with your major? http://www.ohio.edu/advising/major.cfm


Additional list of great websites compiled by University College- http://www.ohio.edu/univcollege/upload/Web%20Sites%20for%20Undecided%20Students.pdf 

Other OU pages worth bookmarking


·         Find the OU catalog- http://www.catalogs.ohio.edu/


·         Career Services - Resources on careers/jobs, resumes, interviews, etiquette: http://www.ohio.edu/careers/students/

·         GPA Calculator — Calculate your g.p.a and deficiency points www.cas.ohiou.edu/undergrad/qlinks/gpa_cal/GPAFull.asp


·         Online DARS– Print your current or what-if DARS on-line.  Print a degree audit for any major or minor at OU. Available 24/7, have this important resource at your fingertips. https://webapps.ohio.edu/oasis/dashboard/dashboard.htm


·         OUC Bookstore http://www.bkstr.com/


·         Schedule of Classes – Don’t forget to use the “advanced search” to look for specific days, times, faculty, etc. http://webapps.ohio.edu/classes


·         Office of the Bursar- Get specific details on paying your tuition!



·         Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships - http://www.ohio.edu/financialaid/


·         Office of the Registrar - http://www.ohio.edu/registrar/




·         See the OU transfer admissions page for info about transferring.  http://www.ohio.edu/admissions/transcredits/


·         Transfer.org - See how credits will transfer to and from Ohio University- https://www.transfer.org/uselect/


·         How do quarter hours convert to semester hours or vice versa? See this conversion chart. http://www.auburn.edu/semesters/conversion.html


·         Military Transfer Info http://www.acenet.edu/Content/NavigationMenu/ProgramsServices/MilitaryPrograms/Transfer_Guide.htm 


·         ACT/COMPASS sample questions- http://www.act.org/compass/sample/index.html 

·         Praxis (PPST) http://www.ets.org/portal 

Chemistry  Placement Test- (Toledo Chemistry Placement Exam) http://bcs.whfreeman.com/acsgenchem/default.asp http://www4.uwm.edu/chemexams/guides/index.cfm

·         Free GRE prep http://www.ets.org/portal


1.       What is the Hilltopper Advising Center?
The Hilltopper Advising Center was designed to provide academic advising services to prospective, current, and undecided students of Ohio University Chillicothe. The Hilltopper Advising Center also offers computers that students can use to conduct research on careers, classes, programs, and degrees at OU.  

2.       Why should I see an advisor?
Advisors are here to help students make the transition to college, but also to support them as they pursue their educational goals.  Advisors help students select classes according to placement guidelines, make course recommendations, understand transfer credits, explore careers and understand major requirements, and provide support and resources for student’s academic needs.  

3.       What should I bring to an appointment with an advisor?
You should your student ID, a DARS report, list of questions you may have, and a tentative course schedule. If you come prepared, the advising meeting is much more productive.  

4.       What is a DARS?
DARS stands for “Degree Audit Reporting System”. The DARS is a checklist which outlines the required courses for a degree.  The DARS is specific to each student, so you should not follow a DARS printed for someone else. DARS are updated every quarter and you  can request a “What-If” DARS for another major you may be exploring. 

5.       What does it mean to be an “Undecided” student?
Each fall thousands of students across the US will enter college not knowing what they want to study. So you are not alone! As an undecided student, you will take general education courses applicable to the Ohio University general education graduation requirements. Those are courses like English, Math, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, applied science, fine arts, and cross cultural. Every student seeking any degree at OU is required to have some of these general education courses.
Click here to see a presentation by University College on Choosing a Major 

6.       What is academic probation?
A student is placed on academic probation when their cumulative grade point average drops below a 2.0 (less than a C average). Students are “placed” and may be provided (not guaranteed) up to 3 additional quarters to raise their grade point average. If you are placed on academic probation, you should see an advisor immediately to discuss your course of action.  

7.       What if I don’t know who my advisor is or I can’t find/reach them?
Advisors are assigned based on the student’s intended major.
Click here to see a list of academic advisors by major. If you are unable to locate or meet with your assigned advisor, please make an appointment with an advisor in the Hilltopper Advising Center.  

8.       How can I change my assigned advisor?
There is a “change of advisor” form available in the Student Services Office or in the Hilltopper Advising Center. Simply fill it out and enter the name of your new advisor.  

9.       What resources does the Hilltopper Advising Center have?
The Hilltopper Advising Center has dedicated computers for students to use to take career assessments, do research on possible majors, and complete registration activities. Additionally, we have resources on careers, transferring, college catalogs, and miscellaneous forms. If you aren’t sure what you need, just stop in and ask!  

10.   How often should I meet with my advisor?
Every time you need to register for courses or any other time that you have questions regarding your academic progress. You are always welcome to drop in for a quick chat, but we recommend at least 3 times a quarter. First to prepare a schedule for the upcoming quarter, within the first week or two to discuss your current classes, and then again at midterm to discuss your progress and courses for the upcoming quarter.  

11.   The class I want/need to take is full. Or the class I want requires “permission” to enter.  What do I do?
In the case of full or “permission” only classes, you will need to email or see the professor of the course. Using your oak account, email the professor and ask for his/her permission. Once you have received permission, take a printed copy of your email and the professor’s response to the Student Services Office. If you are not able to reach the professor via email, please see them to obtain a “permission slip” (sometimes called a pink slip). Once you have the permission slip, turn it in to the Student Services Office as soon as possible.  
Class permission by e-mail policy

12.   What is a “What-if” DARS?
Students often ask “What if I was a Communication Studies major? What if I was engineering major?” or other similar questions. The DARS is a degree audit for the your major at OU. If you want to explore other majors and see how your completed/current coursework fits into the new major, you can run a “What-if” DARS for the new major. What-if DARS are available from the Hilltopper Advising Center or on-line at