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Support Services

For further information visit Student Services or call 774-7240 or toll-free at

Placement Testing

  • Computer-based Compass placement tests determine appropriate starting courses in English, Math, Reading

  • For sample questions, visit http://www.act.org/compass/sample/ 

  • To schedule a testing appointment go to the OU-C Testing Center page and click the yellow SCHEDULE NOW button or call 740.774.7754

  • Chemistry (pencil and paper) placement exam is also available


  • All Course Subjects: Go directly to the Learning Commons located in the Stevenson Center (library)   Monday - Thursday 10am-8pm and Friday 12Noon-4pm or call the helpdesk at 740-774-7212 or toll free @ 1-877-462-6824  ext. 212

Career Services -
Contact Martha Tanedo @740.774.7733  or  via email at

For further information contact Student Services, at 774-7240 or toll-free at

Institutional Equity

*Students who have documented disabilities should schedule an appointment with Martha Tanedo @ 740.774.7733
*After receiving official documentation from the doctor, psychologist, clinic, or other professional organization, special accommodations are requested from the professors/instructors at the beginning of each quarter


-- Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disability
1)  extended time for tests
2)  alternate location for test-taking
3)  taping of lectures
4)  priority registration

1)  extended time for tests
2)  use of a scribe
3)  alternate test format- with advanced agreement
4)  use of a word processor and spell check
5)  priority registration

--Hard of Hearing/Deafness: 
1)  Sign Language Interpreting services
2)  possible academic adjustments for required classes
3)  priority registration
4) Use of Notetaker

--Visual Impairments/Blindness
1)  voice-activated and magnified computer equipment
2)  extended time for tests
3)  use of a reader/scribe/notetaker
4)  alternate test format, if possible
5)  lab assistant, if needed
6)  priority registration

-- Psychological Conditions: 
1)  extended time for tests
2)  alternate location for tests
3)  priority registration

-- Chronic Illnesses
1)  extended time for tests
2)  alternate location for tests
3)  priority registration

-- Learning Disabilities
1)  extended time for tests
2)  alternate location for tests
3)  use of calculator for math classes
4)  use of computer with spell check
5) taping of lectures
6)  priority registration

International Student Services

  • Assistance with international admissions process

  • Education Abroad possibilities for students

Post-Secondary Options

  • Limited to Junior and Senior High School Students who are in the top 25% of their class and pass the Ohio Graduation Tests and all sections of the Compass exam

  • May 1st application deadline for following academic year

Transfer Probation and Academic Probation Advising Services

  • Assistance with scheduling supportive classes

  • Additional tutoring hours available, if needed

Project SERVE Summer Program

  • Special no cost 5 week, 2 credit hour, summer program for incoming full-time fall quarter freshman only